Soon to be one of many spaces where you can stay, learn and work in @jaf https://g.co/kgs/szce5J • #lumbungdotspace


Preparing the Nasi Kuning In Jatiwangi. In Indonesian tradition, the color of yellow rice symbolizes the golden mountain which means wealth, prosperity and noble morals. Therefore, yellow rice is often served at events for thanksgiving and other happy events such as births, weddings, engagements, etc. #lumbung #documentafifteen


With pak Ginggi of @jaf Tonight (11 Aug 2022) we are going to celebrate the Jatiwangi Cup. This is an annual event in Jatiwangi. The participants are tile craftsmen who train their muscles daily in the tile factory in Jatiwangi. #lumbungdotspace


3 days to go before @rahmatarham be leaving Kassel and return to Makassar on the July 21st. Let's soon be in touch with him and meet in real life in Kassel to personally learn about lumbung.space more in-depth and intimately. Don't miss it yo!! ✨ #lumbungdotspace


Coming soon is the #lumbungdotspace merchandise and on 100 copies only! The graphics in this sticker pack are contributions from the various individuals involved in the documenta fifteen processes, contributing to imagining what lumbung.space is, in simple drawings. #documentafifteen