Pakghor – Palan, After Rain, Diriyah Contemporary Art Biennale_2024

Pakghor – Palan, After Rain, Diriyah Contemporary Art Biennale_2024 Britto’s another version of PAKGHOR and PALAN at AFTER RAIN, Diriyah Contemporary Art Biennale After Rain Diriyah Contemporary Art Biennale 2024 20Feb- 24 May 2024 Artistic Director: Ute Meta Bauer Curators: Rose Lejeune, Wejdan Reda, Anca Rujoiu, Ana Salzar Herrera Adjunct curator: Rahul Gudipudi Palan & Pakghor 2024 Commissioned by : Diriyah Biennale Foundation A collective project by artists, craftsman and community as part of Britto Arts Trust

Rasad, In Focus. A Closer Look at Photorealism_2024

Rasad, In Focus. A Closer Look at Photorealism_2024 Britto’s “RASAD” (an unique version) is currently on view as part of a larger exhibition “In Focus. A closer look at Photorealism” at the Centraal Museum Utrecht, Netherlands From 10 February to 9 June 2024 Curated by Esmee Postma. Artists AKM Maynul Islam Alok Raj Bongshi MD. Aminul Islam Ashim Halder Sagor Farhana Ferdausi Imran Hossain Piplu Mahbubur Rahman Shimul Saha Shimul Datta S.

পাকঘর PAKGHOR _2022

পাকঘর PAKGHOR _2022 পাকঘর PAKGHOR – THE SOCIAL KITCHEN 2021-2022 Bamboo, Clay slabs, Iron Clumps etc. In Bangla traditional kitchen stands for the word PAKGHOR In the countryside of Bangladesh, we did not have a concept of living room or dining room in past. PAKGHOR. was the place that usually covers both the needs of a family. It is indeed a meeting place for the family members at where they share, discuss, chat, plan and so on as part of a family life.

পালান PALAN _2022

পালান PALAN _2022 পালান PALAN – ORGANIC KITCHEN GARDEN 2021-2022 Bamboo and Iron Clumps PALAN is Known as a very local Bengali Kitchen Garden that usually grown by the women and children of the house. The seeds are organically collected from the vegetables they use for cooking. Usually, a PALAN appears next to the PAKGHOR using dry branches, bamboo sticks, jute sticks or any other available found materials to organically make structures for the plants.

ছায়াছবি CHAYACHOBI_2022

ছায়াছবি CHAYACHOBI_2022 ছায়াছবি CHAYACHOBI– MURAL PROJECT ON BANGLA CINEMA 2021- 2022 Acrylic on Canvas & Wall 14 Contemporary Artists and 1 Cinema Banner painter and 1 rickshaw painter teamed up the Mural project and have worked together for more than three months at the Studio Mahbub & Lipi in 2021. Seven Bangla films from Bangladesh and West Bengal, India were chosen to be worked on via a month-long research watching and discussing about number of films.


Previous Next RONGBAAZ Opening reception: 5.30 pm, 24 January 2020Venue: Britto SpaceExhibition: 24 Jan – 15 Feb (everyday 1 – 8 pm)Workshop: 20 Nov. 2019 – 20 Jan. 2020 Rongbaaz is a collective project by Britto in collaboration with Rickshaw & Banner painters Britto has done a number of projects in collaboration with traditional artists, artisans and makers including rickshaw and cinema banner painters in past to create a new language in contemporary art practice.