FAFSWAG Artist Manu Vaea is an interdisciplinary artist that works in performance poetry and cultural activation. Among his many talents he is also an exceptional writer and illustrator. He likes to keep most situations really humble but you wouldn’t think that about his writing. it’s sharp and piercing and really not keen on apologies. lol His voice as an artist is one we’ve embraced into the collective as the perfect blend of critical guinsoo surgery and salty observational humour.


FEMSLICK is a series of vignettes set against underground Vogue Culture in New Zealand. Flexing urgency and vitality, this world is dripping in body politics, culture vultures, urban aesthetics and lots of Banji realness. BOOK TICKETS iticket.co.nz/events/2017/feb/femslick#/buy-tickets

FAFSWAG Presents FEMSLICK Vogue Ball

FAMILY BAR 270 KARANGAHAPE ROAD, NEWTON If you’ve ever lusted to walk a ballroom floor, this is your chance to flex. The culmination of the FEMSLICK season at Basement Theatre will see FAFSWAG host a live Vogue Ball at Family Bar. You know what’s good. Our first Vogue Ball for the year is bound to be a LIT-uation, so come through and kiki with the community. Featuring a set by DJ Reina and a House performance from the cast of FEMSLICK that will light up the judging panel.


PRIDE Festival is a pretty new concept for some of us. Mostly because people live in bubbles that never burst. Some people are use to shrugging it off as just another “GAY thing for those gays”. The distinction being ‘those gays’ as if PI’s are culturally sheltered from such ungodly social blemishes and these things don’t exist in our culture. Just like marriage equality, Pacific people are either extremely ambivalent or morally adverse to open expressions of queerness.


VOGUE ETIQUETTE 101 ELEMENTS: VOGUE DIP / DROPS / MAKEVALI (SUICIDE DROP) In the Vogue Ballroom scene there are elements that make up a vogue performance, such as a ‘Vogue Dip’ / ‘Vogue Drop’ there are different names to a vogue dip or drop. However to ‘dip’ or to ‘drop’ requires the performer to fall to the floor, landing on their back, using one leg as a lever; aka a prat fall.


FAFSWAG brings the vision of artist Akashi Fisiinaua to the stage, presenting FEMSLICK, a series of vignettes set against underground Vogue Culture in Auckland. Flexing urgency and vitality, this world is dripping in body politics, culture vultures, urban aesthetics and lots of Banji realness. Told through movement, soundscape and urban material culture, this devised work scrutinises redundant gender norms and tired cultural codes with vivid and timely responses that pull no punches.

PLEASE, decolonise your own shit first!

PLEASE, decolonise your own shit first! Buzzwords are frustrating asf. If I can, I like to avoid them. Yeah, sometimes there a times that you HAVE to use them because they sum up exactly what you’re trying to say but for the most part, I feel like people use them as a way to say ‘Look at me, I’m relevant asf!’ No bitch, you aint. You just using a word that you saw that one time on Tumblr right before scrolling down to find the porn.


2nd – 15th December 2016 The ‘Space’ show in 2012 was dedicated to 10 years journey of BRITTO and inauguration of its new and permanent premises at Green Road with work of all Britto members. The second groups effort of the members was to create a large collective project in on month, a black and white wall mural inside Britto titled as ‘Overlapping’ in 2013. The last group exhibition of the members was titled as ‘Cross Casting’ – a project focused on cross gender casting in 2014.


“error”_2016 ERROR A month long project at BrittoWorkshop: 1 – 31 January 2016Exhibition: 2 – 19 February ParticipantsAli AsgarBubly BarnaFarah Naz MoonJewel A RobJuton Chandra RoyManik BonikMd. Aminul IslamRasel ChowdhuryRashidul ManikRupam RoySadia MariumSanad BiswasShadman ShahidShimul DattaUpoma Das ERROR, a process-based project that emphasizes day-to-day collaboration among the artists to deal with different materials, found objects and ideas during the course of the time.
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