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FAFSWAG brings the vision of artist Akashi Fisiinaua to the stage, presenting FEMSLICK, a series of vignettes set against underground Vogue Culture in Auckland.  Flexing urgency and vitality, this world is dripping in body politics, culture vultures, urban aesthetics and lots of Banji realness.

Told through movement, soundscape and urban material culture, this devised work scrutinises redundant gender norms and tired cultural codes with vivid and timely responses that pull no punches. Unpacking the complexities of queer brown bodies as they navigate cultural and social space in real time.

Synced to the rhythmic pulse of a Vogue ball this work connects its audience directly into its advocacy of self-defence, self-love and self-preservation. Don’t expect to remain sedated and docile like passive voyeurs. It’s not that kind of party. FEMSLICK stays f*cking up the patriarchy, one Caucasian space at a time.

Produced by FAFSWAG Arts Collective and funded by Creative New Zealand. Featuring Cypris Afakasi, Falencie Filipo, Akashi Fisiinaua, Gabriel Halatoa, Moe Laga, Jaydess Nand, Jacob Temata, Jaycee Tanuvasa.

Direction by Akashi Fisiinaua and styling by Jasper Powell.

It’ll be a short season so be sure to get in and hook it up with tix before they all go missing and you’re left with some flat face emoji’s. Click the image below to book your tickets.


BASEMENT THEATRE / STUDIO / 6.30pm  / Tuesday 14 – Friday 17 February 2017