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Currently in exhibition as part of Residential at Copenhagen Contemporary, April – December 2024, are Kate Adams’ Cosmology of Care.

Cosmology of Care asks audiences to consider:

What is freedom to you?
Are you confronted with barriers in your everyday life?
Are you dependent on others to do the things you want to do in life?

The graphic image is white with black writing surrounding three five circles, drawn like a dart board. These circles depict the circles of support that influence a person with disabilities' life.

Image: Cosmology of Care, Kate Adams, 2023

In the work Cosmology of Care, Project Art Works’ artist Kate Adams, visualizes the possibilities and barriers of social care systems that many individuals and families rely upon. The systems are complex, and navigating them requires knowledge, advocacy and persistence. The artists from Project Art Works are people who are neurodivergent and many have to navigate the system on a daily basis, either on their own or with others to support them.

The circles and layers of the Cosmology provide an insight into potential structures and systems that can be accessed (or not) to achieve the right kind of care and support freedom of choice in life. In the centre is the individual, alongside their family or caregiver. Around them are various structures and institutions that affect the individual. The outer circle represents life, freedom, and many aspects of life that people who do not need support may take for granted.

In the exhibition at Copenhagen Contemporary, the Cosmologies of Care represent both the Danish and the English/UK systems of support for disabled and neurodivergent communities and their families.

Download a transcript to this video here.

Danish Cosomology of Care, Kate Adams, 2024

Image: Kate Adams, Danish Cosmology of Care, 2024, pen on paper

Cosmology of Care, Residential, Copenhagen Contemporary 2024

Image: Cosmology of Care, Residential, Copenhagen Contemporary, 2024

The Cosmology of Care has exhibited at:

Turner Prize 2021 Exhibition, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry, September – January 2022

documenta fifteen, Germany, 2022

Residential, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, 23 September 2023 – 25 February 2024

Residential, Copenhagen Contemporary, 27 April – 31 December 2024

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