3er Festival de La Tigra/Más arte, más debate

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Led by Edson Velandia, ‘El Festival de la Tigra’ has been held annually in Piedecuesta – Santander since 2017, with the aim of creating cultural spaces for the establishment of critical audiences in the region. It has stood out in its different editions for the variety of its programme, in which it has provided spaces for creation and exchange between musicians, artists, researchers and cultural managers.

At the third edition of the festival, we participated with “Más Arte, Más Debate”, in order to enrich the discussion on current issues, exploring the intersections between art, citizenship and politics.

This series of talks had 3 moments:

Fracking and Shopping

In this talk, a critical parallel was drawn between the extractivist mining and energy model and ”economía naranja” (a creative industries model applied in Colombia), unveiling the neoliberal policies that threaten the sustainability of ecosystems and creative forms.

Moderated by Ana Garzón in a talk with Juan Cárdenas, Laura Serrano, Óscar Sampayo and Roberto Ochandio.

Electric guitars and hidropower plants

How are ‘development’ and hydropower plants threatening communities, their ways of life and their coexistence with the environment?

Moderated by Adriana Lizcano in conversation with Jonathan Luna, Isabel Cristina Zuleta, Gustavo Adolfo Renjifo Romero and Álvaro Serrano.

Cultural Resistances

We concluded our participation at “El Festival de La Tigra – Piedecuesta Ruge”, with a discussion about cultural practices and resistance.

Forum led by José Perilla, with a panel made up of Martín Batalla, Edson Velandia, Los Pirañas, Polikarpa y Sus Viciosas, and El Tuyero Ilustrado.