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Between 3rd and 7th December 2019, Bogotá hosted “Choral Narratives & Feminist Archaeologies”.

The meeting of Choral Narratives & Feminist Archaeologies is a programme that brings together stories of women artists whose practice questions the forms of production and experimentation in the field of art from feminism. Multiple stories burst into the official history where knowledge in mystical, historical, anthropological, alchemical creolisation re-situated and nourished the possibility of other collective imaginaries.

Choral Narratives & Feminist Archaeologies arises from the need to make visible, strengthen and re-signify the work of creators around experimentation and visual and sound artistic production. The meeting was attended by the artists Lucrecia Dalt, Regina de Miguel and the curators Sonia Fernández Pan and María Morata. It took place in the Cinemateca of Bogotá and Espacio Odeón.

For the opening event the Cinemateca hosted a talk on women in sound and audiovisual experimentation, moderated by Más Arte Más Acción. It articulates the notion of choral narratives that accounts for a series of institutional collaborations that are part of this story and that today allow this project to become a reality.

Based on two previous collaborations between Regina de Miguel and Lucrecia Dalt (“WE ARE A PLOT DEVICE”, for the Museo de la Radio del Reina Sofía and “Fenómenos Umbrales”, for No! Festival), their new collaboration “V.I.T.R.I.O.L” was presented on December 5th, for the first time in Colombia. The performance invoked the enunciation of new alchemical formulas. Affective resistance against extractive images, against the geographies of violence linked to them and the hegemonic technological and cultural mechanisms of representation. This performance was made possible thanks to the support of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) through its Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture (PICE) in the form of Mobility.

The Cinemateca also hosted a Retrospective of Regina de Miguel’s audiovisual pieces and within the framework of this cycle the premiere of the feature film Catábasis was held. This project begins with the artist’s residency in 2017 at the Chocó Base, in alliance with the Goethe Institute in Colombia. The film explores the psychic reality of the territory, trying to address its complexity as an attractive dialectic device for the construction of new ways of existing and relating to the raw material of our reality. From an imaginary inspired by the history of gold mining, it addresses how contemporary representation is directly linked to the exploitation of affection, knowledge and the labour force.

The audiovisual series Vibrant Matter, curated by María Morata in collaboration with La Casa Encendida in Madrid and the Cinemateca Distrital, reflects on matter as a generator of thought and the construction of other forms of female subjectivity. In the era of post-humanism and non-anthropocentric thought, Vibrant Matter opens a dialogue between the politics of the female body in contemporary technoculture and the traditional feminist critique of body representation in the context of experimental cinema, video art, digital animation and 3D programming. Vibrant Matter resorts to the metaphor of Donna Haraway’s cyborg through which she breaks down the rigid barriers that separate animal, human and machine. The guest artists in collaboration with Casa Encendida and the curatorship of María Morata are Sabine Mars, Nathalie Djurberg / Hans Berg, Marina Nuñez, Laure Prouvost, Vivien Dick, Julia Montilla and Ursula Biemann.

This initiative was promoted by Más Arte Más Acción and Sua Pa in association with the Cinemateca Distrital, Espacio Odeón with the support of La Casa Encendida, the Embassy of Spain and Acción Cultural Española.