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“Coexisting” supported the shared and decentralised management of MAMA’s processes hand in hand with collectives from its ecosystem. Over the years MAMA has involved other cultural organisations through projects that have generated dialogues between three important territories in this region: Buenaventura (a major  port city in the Pacific), Nuquí (small city in the North Pacific) and Quibdó (capital of Chocó). It was a pandemic relief project that allowed us the shared and decentralised management of our processes, hand in hand with the collectives Puerto Creativo, Tura Hip Hop, Yemayá Producciones, Fundación Mareia (Quibdó) and Colectivo de Comunicaciones En Puja (Nuquí).

The objectives we set ourselves were:

1. To strengthen the  collectives for co-production and shared management:

Through this fund we were able to purchase equipment to support the audiovisual and cultural management processes of five local Pacific cultural collectives: Puerto Creativo, Tura Hip Hop and Yemayá Producciones, Fundación Mareia and Colectivo de Comunicaciones En Puja. The process was lengthy considering that each collective had different needs and each of the equipment considered the respective accessories for protection against humidity and water, as well as delivery to each of the collective’s spaces. The final set of equipment that each collective received was fundamental for their audiovisual production work, knowledge exchange and content circulation in their own contexts.

As a result of this initiative, each collective now has a large cinema screen to project their films and series such as the Pacific Lens. The screens are portable and include a set of quality sound systems. The collectives also received computers, cameras, sound recorders, microphones and other equipment to complement their existing ones, allowing them to have a complete audiovisual production station in each location. MAMA made an agreement with the collectives that details the equipment each received, but also outlines the purpose of having it as a tool for possible shared agendas and projects. At the same time MAMA was able to purchase equipment for its own workstation  that allows us to have more tools for virtual work and its 2021 programme.

2. Transfer of skills in the production of digital content for creation and circulation:

Throughout the 4 months of the project, a series of sessions were developed that allowed the exchange of knowledge in which each collective has a particular strength:

Project formulation (led by MAMA)

Training in filmmaking (led by Puerto Creativo and Tura Hip-Hop):

– EDITING WORKSHOP led by Emerson Caicedo “Bola 8” (Tura Hip Hop, Buenaventura).

– INTRODUCTION TO COLOUR CORRECTION WITH ADOBE PREMIERE PRO – by Manuel Riascos (Puerto Creativo, Buenaventura)

– BASIC MANAGEMENT OF PROTOOLS TOOLS – by Andrés Quiñones “Deres” (Tura Hip Hop)

Knowledge management: MAMA invited people from its artistic ecosystem with specific knowledge on two topics that it identified as relevant to the process that the collectives were following: self-publishing and archiving. The first training was given by Cráter Invertido, partners from Mexico who are part of the Arts Collaboratory network and who have a publishing house and a long trajectory in self-publishing tools and projects. The second training was led by Mauricio, mentor of the audiovisual project Postales del Futuro, who has specific training in relation to the archiving of audiovisual content interrelated to the issue of memory.

Coexisting is a project of Más Arte Más Acción in alliance with Colectivo de Comunicaciones En Puja de Nuquí, Colectivo Puerto Creativo, Fundación Tura Hip Hop, Yemayá Producciones and Fundación Mareia; financed by the International Assistance Fund of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Goethe-Institut and other partners: