Cosmovisions on Land and Entangled Futures

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Collaborative Research Project

Cosmovisions on Land and Entangled Futures is a collaborative research project that seeks to investigate land rights and the social and political agency of nature from non-extractivist perspectives. The project has an interdisciplinary approach that focuses on practices that reveal worldviews at the intersections between land rights and climate justice, questioning and opposing Euro-capital-centric and dominant narratives. Based on experimentation and collaboration, the project explores formats that challenge the hierarchical structures of production and presentation of knowledge, incorporating the voices of artists, collaboration and exchange in the development process.

The project proposes to create space and time to build collaboration and in-depth co-creation of ideas relating to the interdependence and de-hierarchisation between human and nature. It offers a platform to connect local, territorial and social struggles with pressing global concerns to imagine other possible realities that respond to more sustainable futures. Cosmovisions on Land and Entangled Futures is the R&D phase for a group exhibition that will take place at Baltic in November 2023.

The project includes an artist residency at La Escocesa, a research grant, two artists commissions, online events and five Research Labs to be developed by each partner organisation.

The artist selected for the Residency at La Escocesa is Aline Baiana. More information here.

Cosmovisions on Land and Entangled Futures is a partnership between Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art (UK), Capc Bordeaux (FR), La Escocesa (ES), Más Arte Más Acción (COL) and Pivô (BR). It is funded by the British Council’s International Collaboration Grants, which are designed to support UK and overseas organisations to collaborate on international artistic projects.