Unpostponable : Imaginative Practices

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Unpostponable: Imaginative Practices

Unpostponable involves a series of artistic residencies and exchanges between organisations and collectives from the Gulf of Tribugá and organisations and collectives from other contexts that can contribute to the autonomous and sustainable future of the communities in this region. It is an initiative of Más Arte Más Acción as part of its commitment to the different spaces of dialogue and articulation that have taken place within the framework of the Alianza Nuquí, a community and inter-institutional alliance that contributes to the collective wellbeing of the territory in order to confront the threat of the Port of Tribugá..

How do we name, defend and articulate our territories?

What artistic and imaginative practices are part of what we do?

These questions were at the heart of the conversations between Cráter Invertido Cooperative (Mexico) and various collective, personal and organisational processes in the Afro-indigenous territory of Nuquí in the Pacific region of Chocó.

In the exercise of the artistic residency programme Impostergable, members of Cráter Invertido and Más Arte Más Acción travelled to the Gulf of Tribugá between 11 June and 2 July 2021. During this period we shared time, knowledge and affection, as well as strategies and practices for the creation of our own narratives, linked to ancestral memories and the diversity of ways of inhabiting the territories in the present. From the traditional cumbancha and tamborito music of the group Tambacum Músicas Tradicionales de Nuquí to the community surfing exercise carried out by several local clubs such as the Club de Surf Tiburones de Nuquí clubArusisurf and the Liga De Surf Chocó, the multiple encounters that took place were full of generosity, learning and collaboration.

We had the pleasure of visiting the Museo Memoria de los Abuelos (Museum of Memory of the Elders)and exchanging experiences of self-publishing with members of the Corporación Pacífico Mujer. We did open air radio with Riscal Estéreo 105.8 and Radio Tropiezo. We participated in the ‘caravan of art, science, sport and ancestry’ organised by Colectivo Florece, which passed through Arusí between 12 and 14 June. We collaborated with the ‘Mesa Justa’ held on 18 June at Posada Nativa Casa Yow Surf, co-produced by Yura Sapi, Balistikal, Tambacum & chilis on wheels, an initiative of solidarity and food based on local plants.

On Saturday 26 June we co-organised an artistic Mezmerre in the house of the musician, sower, painter and guardian of memory Andrés Landero in Tribugá. This day included drawing and painting with children and young people from the Semillero del Colectivo de Comunicaciones En PUJA, mural making, a radio boom box with a presentation of Robink Haled’s composition for Andrés Landero, as well as a delicious collective pot and traditional music with Tambacum.

In addition to the artistic and cultural initiatives, we also met some ecotourism projects in the hands of local people who focus on preserving ancestral knowledge and local biodiversity, while generating income for their families. Examples of this are La Ruta Del Viche by Diego González in Guachalito, as well as the native lodges Posada Nativa Casa Yow Surf in Nuquí and La Churuleja in the village of Coquí.

This project is part of the Cultural and Artistic Responses to Environmental Change programme, funded by the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development and the Goethe Institut.