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Continuing their co-creative practice with nature and its inherent intelligence, the artists travelled to the Chocó Base to share their knowledge and consider the territory for a long term exploration that joins the need to think holistically about humanity’s role and relationship with what we call “nature”. Their presence was inspiring, and encouraged different levels of conversation. Tactile conversation (massage sessions), community conversations and visits to the museum Historia de los Abuelos, the villages of Joví, Coquí and the monitoring plot at the base. This is expected to be the beginning of a long term project.

“What inspires us deeply for that process is to develop a new and unique process and understanding of a “herbarium”, a real embodied herbarium that is not any more about extraction but about integration and embodied learning. As well, not just our bodies, but all of the bodies of the humans and plants and land and gardens that we encounter and share and learn with/from. What we started and discovered in our short time there, we would want to continue to develop, explore and practice.”

“Utopías en la selva”, a residency program of the Goethe-Institut and Más Arte Más Acción.