VI Seminar on Arts Education in Chocó “Territorios PluriVersos”

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The VI Seminar of Artistic Education of Chocó “Territorios PluriVersos” took place in Quibdó, Chocó, between 11th and 14th September 2019.

In this edition, work was carried out on the territorial diversity found in Chocó, based on problems that intersect biodiversity, narratives about the multicultural territory and the complexities that surround it. It also presented management perspectives constituted by human and non-human relations, in search of alternatives that serve as common tools that can be extrapolated to the Colombian Pacific.

“Pluriverse indicates the struggles to achieve ‘worlds and knowledge in another way’ – that is, worlds and knowledge built on the basis of different ontological commitments, epistemic configurations and practices of being, knowing and doing”.

Arturo Escobar

Panel narrativas sobre el desarrollo ¿espejismos en las comunidades del Pacífico?VI Seminario de Educación Artística TERRITORIOS PLURIVERSOS#TerritoriosPluriversos

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Excerpt from the panel “Developmental Narratives: Mirrors in Pacific Communities?