Arab Theatre Studio and Pari invite you to a sharing of experiences and reflections from documenta fifteen on Saturday 12 November. Come come 💓💓 Members from two western Sydney collectives Arab Theatre Studio and Pari travelled to Kassel, Germany earlier this year to participate in documenta fifteen through Gudskul's collective studies program 'Sekolah Temujalar'. Here, we undertook a nongkrong (‘hanging out’) curriculum - exploring how cooking, cleaning, living, studying and karaoke-ing together is instructive for our collective practices.


Pidato Kebudayaan Dewan Kesenian Jakarta kembali dihelat. Setelah dua tahun digelar secara daring, tahun ini Pidato Kebudayaan kembali digelar secara tatap muka. Dewan Kesenian Jakarta menunjuk Ade Darmawan sebagai penyaji pidato tahun ini, dengan tajuk "Berakar dan Menjalar: Lumbung Sebagai Model Ekonomi dan Estetika Organisasi Seni" "Lumbung" adalah istilah yang pernah diurai oleh Prof. Melani Budianta dalam Pidato Kebudayaan DKJ 2020. Istilah yang dikembangkan dari praktik pertanian tradisional menjadi praktik kebudayaan kontemporer berwatak "commoning".


Lumbung Indonesia is part of a research project to see how collectives in Indonesia have evolved since 2000. The preliminary research was conducted by Ade Darmawan and Rifky Goro from 2000 to 2010. The existence of collectives in Indonesia during that time was seen as the result of a centralistic art production where most art centers were located in big cities. #documentafifteen #harvestedbyputra #lumbungdotspace #lumbungindonesia #harvestedbyputra


Upstairs Alice Yard post-Documenta. Last week, Alice Yard hosted friends and neighbours to come lime, the equivalent to nongkrong. The art of hanging out (: So much to process after this Documenta, but feeling energized and encouraged. #lumbungdotspace


Sparked during the lumbung building process that occurred along the documenta fifteen in 2022: the lumbung kios is a way, on the one hand to use the opportunity of documenta fifteen where often a lot of merchandise are sold and to bring it to this value-based economy: that is the lumbung economy—where through majelises we can decide ourselves what are the principles of this economy; for example "how it can be fairer shared amongst the members?

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A #repost and translation from https://www.instagram.com/kuenstlerhauswien/ The time has come: today the exhibition LOVING OTHERS - Models of Cooperation opens!⁠ ⁠ 18:00 admission⁠ 19:00 Opening with the curators Christian Helbock & Dietmar Schwärzler and Tanja Prušnik, President of the Künstlerhaus Vereinigung⁠ Following concert by Klitclique⁠ ⁠ Until 20:00 screen printing workshop with ruangrupa in the Salon Karlsplatz⁠ ⁠ Admission free!⁠ ⁠ And if you can't make it to the opening today: thanks to our media partner @w24tv you can visit the exhibition from 13.

Practicar el Lumbung. Un reccorido en imágenes por documenta 15, por Alejandra Villasmil

Practicing the Lumbung: An Overview of documenta 15 in Pictures, by Alejandra Villasmil 。。。English translation below 。。。 La historia está plagada de capítulos sombríos donde los intereses geopolíticos y económicos terminan por incidir en la libre expresión cultural. En los casos más complejos, terminan en censura y autocensura. Desde este sur global, solo basta mirar los casos de Cuba y Venezuela. Lo acontecido en la última edición de documenta se inserta precisamente en este juego del poder político, que tristemente ha acabado por socavar el derecho a la manifestación artística de un grupo de participantes de entre los 1.


we forgot about time because pigeons don’t use watches 🐦 a story, coming soon! with k.o.k.o.n.j.a. @ trafohaus (https://sounds.lumbung.space/library/tracks/70/) #documentafifteen #lumbungdotspace #Trafohaus