nongkrong.lumbung.space is the chat system for lumbung.space. It’s the easiest way to find other members and check in to see what is going on therefore we really look forward to seeing #lumbungmembers and #lumbungartist coming here soon and make it warmer. You can have private chats, group chats, upload and share files and have both 1-to-1 video & group calls, so you can do your meetings here too! •


Let's hang out in the nongkrong.lumbung.space and making it a warmer space by introducing it to our working group(s), and to host our (mini) majelises to happen there. Looking forward to welcoming you and seeing you around #lumbungmembers #lumbungartist 🌈🤍 • 📷 #avatar of nongkrong.lumbung.space made by @studio4oo2. #lumbungdotspace #documentafifteen #lumbungnongkrong #introduction

Lumbung Assembly 09 March 2021

When the second day of the assembly began, FAFSWAG, a collective based in New Zealand got their turn for the introduction. It is one of the new lumbung members. Hi, everyone. I am Moe Laga. I am a performance artist, also an actress. I am Felencia. I am a transwoman from Samoa. I am of some lineage to German and Chinese. I am a performance artist. Been in FAFSWAG since 2013.

Lumbung Assembly 08 March 2021

In front of us were people from various cities on the planet. They all, respectively, appeared on small squares on laptop monitor. Reggae song was played. It was also Tone’s birthday. All were smilingly greeting one another. We were on board for lumbung assembly 2021 through zoom meeting. “Welcome to our assembly again,” said Ajeng. “We have Wajukuu and Britto that will host us. “It’s great in assembly again,” Gertrude added.


🔌 building digital tools 🔌 to think lumbung.space as one of the tools to support lumbung artists, lumbung members and their ecosystem in the process of building lumbung collectively. • drawing by daniella praptono • #lumbungdotspace

documenta and a Conversation

By Putra Hidayatullah Jawa Pos (12/12/2021) Arnold Bode was 50 years old when he requested a colleague to add the letter “a” at the end of the word “document” to name an art event. When this happened, the Second World War had just ended. The war had also deeply affected the art scene in Germany. Previously, in July 1937, there was the National Socialist propaganda exhibition “Entartete Kunst” in Munich.

Lumbung Calling: Regeneration

Questions on extractive mode of living where resources are concentrated on the few has inevitably been part of conversations. This issue has invited myriad thoughts and dialogues on how to sustainably prolong the resources. Also, there’s no way to avoid conversing about regeneration as it’s been one of the key values in lumbung process. Within the idea of regeneration, the possibility and limit are challenged. How to see resources not just as commodity to be accumulated.

Lumbung Calling: Sufficiency

Perhaps there’s an empty hole inside human soul which urge to be filled again and again. Once a hole is jam-packed, another will come up to the surface. It drives individuals to explore or sometimes conquer what is in front of them for the sake of ambition despite political or ecological consequences. As one of lumbung values, sufficiency has been a pertinent concept to revisit today. What is the meaning of being enough?