quick note on lumbung.space (part 1)

design by studio4oo2 and lumbung.space working group Since the internet became popular, it has become a medium that allows the creation of new solidarity between users spread across various regions. Unfortunately, this internet networking ability is not necessarily neutral, it exists on platforms controlled by elites and full of surveillance. Nonetheless, these digital solidarity practices continue to give rise to new—more egalitarian ideas and forms; that continue to explore the unique potentials of internet use.

Practicar el Lumbung. Un reccorido en imágenes por documenta 15, por Alejandra Villasmil

Practicing the Lumbung: An Overview of documenta 15 in Pictures, by Alejandra Villasmil 。。。English translation below 。。。 La historia está plagada de capítulos sombríos donde los intereses geopolíticos y económicos terminan por incidir en la libre expresión cultural. En los casos más complejos, terminan en censura y autocensura. Desde este sur global, solo basta mirar los casos de Cuba y Venezuela. Lo acontecido en la última edición de documenta se inserta precisamente en este juego del poder político, que tristemente ha acabado por socavar el derecho a la manifestación artística de un grupo de participantes de entre los 1.

We are angry, we are sad, we are tired, we are united.

Scroll down and click on the tab “Public Signatories” if you wish to add your name to the list Dear Christian Geselle, Angela Dorn, Susanne Völker, Claudia Roth, the Supervisory Board and the Shareholders of documenta, We are angry, we are sad, we are tired, we are united. We have tried our best to stay above the chaos, hostility, racism and censorship that have engulfed this edition of documenta. We have tried our best to stay focused and committed to our work and the promises and hopes of the lumbung.


On July 30, 2022 16:00–18:00 (guided tour 16:15) you are cordially invited to the Open Labs and Open Studio at the research platform BAU KUNST ERFINDEN | BUILDING ART INVENTION: How to weave and braid with solid wood? How to transform light into energy and energy into light? How can concrete grow green? How to combine old crafts with new technologies? How do microstructures interact with macrostructures? We combine artistic practice with scientific research.

lumbung.space is online!

drawing by Indra Ameng Soft launch of the lumbung network’s online platform lumbung.space is a social and publishing platform by and for the lumbung members and artists of documenta fifteen. The platform allows members of the lumbung network to connect, support each other, and share knowledge collectively while making the process visible to the public. The website will continuously evolve but is based on slow-growing with new tools added over time.

Where is the Art?

Different cultures have different concepts and definitions of art. documenta fifteen processes are no exception, where the definition of art becomes another space for conversation. The involvement of lumbung inter-lokal from various cities in the world has come with different concepts. When this is brought together in the context of documenta fifteen taking place in Europe, a new dynamic takes place. At least two main features are visible. The first is the tendency of how art tends to be associated with objects resulting from the achievements of individual genius.

Some Notes on Lumbung Kios

(Learning Session with Kate Rich – 04032021) Everyone from different cities is joining. They are from lumbung members, mostly: Gudskul from Jakarta, Festival Le Sur Niger from Mali, Britto Arts Trust from Dhaka, Trampolin House from Copenhagen and others. It was started with a quick introduction. Kate is currently in Tasmania, Australia. She’s going to talk about the feral trade. As an artist, she has been dealing with trade for almost twenty years.

Lumbung Assembly 11 March 2021

“Welcome everybody. Can you hear me?” Said Morten Goll. He did check-in. “This is stick from Trampoline. It is brought from southwest of the US. Somebody will pass it. It is interesting to know what people eat in different part of the world.” Everyone mentioned what they eat the last time. Some mentioned salad, coffee, orange juice. Morten: We’re thankful for being in lumbung. It’s amazing to have support from lumbung and documenta.

Lumbung Assembly 10 March 2021

“Welcome everyone to lumbung majelis. Today I am going to be the host with Lara. We’d like to describe today’s agenda.” Ameng started the conversation. “We’ll start with INSTAR today. We do a short introduction with Gertrude on economy. And come back to check out. To join the split, click on the three dots. Remember to click on interpretation, for interpretation. Spanish, French, and Indonesian. Also, we have harvest today.

Lumbung Assembly 09 March 2021

When the second day of the assembly began, FAFSWAG, a collective based in New Zealand got their turn for the introduction. It is one of the new lumbung members. Hi, everyone. I am Moe Laga. I am a performance artist, also an actress. I am Felencia. I am a transwoman from Samoa. I am of some lineage to German and Chinese. I am a performance artist. Been in FAFSWAG since 2013.

Lumbung Assembly 08 March 2021

In front of us were people from various cities on the planet. They all, respectively, appeared on small squares on laptop monitor. Reggae song was played. It was also Tone’s birthday. All were smilingly greeting one another. We were on board for lumbung assembly 2021 through zoom meeting. “Welcome to our assembly again,” said Ajeng. “We have Wajukuu and Britto that will host us. “It’s great in assembly again,” Gertrude added.

documenta and a Conversation

By Putra Hidayatullah Jawa Pos (12/12/2021) Arnold Bode was 50 years old when he requested a colleague to add the letter “a” at the end of the word “document” to name an art event. When this happened, the Second World War had just ended. The war had also deeply affected the art scene in Germany. Previously, in July 1937, there was the National Socialist propaganda exhibition “Entartete Kunst” in Munich.

Lumbung Calling: Regeneration

Questions on extractive mode of living where resources are concentrated on the few has inevitably been part of conversations. This issue has invited myriad thoughts and dialogues on how to sustainably prolong the resources. Also, there’s no way to avoid conversing about regeneration as it’s been one of the key values in lumbung process. Within the idea of regeneration, the possibility and limit are challenged. How to see resources not just as commodity to be accumulated.

Lumbung Calling: Sufficiency

Perhaps there’s an empty hole inside human soul which urge to be filled again and again. Once a hole is jam-packed, another will come up to the surface. It drives individuals to explore or sometimes conquer what is in front of them for the sake of ambition despite political or ecological consequences. As one of lumbung values, sufficiency has been a pertinent concept to revisit today. What is the meaning of being enough?

Lumbung Calling: Transparency

What is the relationship between those who govern and those who are governed? The critical question might arise as people are living together in one common space. What bring them together? The question will take us to the issue of trust. Will, then, there be trust without transparency? As one of lumbung values, transparency become one key topic in our latest lumbung calling. As it is related to the idea of knowledge and power sharing, Shahidul Alam, a photographer and cultural activist from Bangladesh joined us and shared his practices and perspectives on transparency and its relation to lumbung in his context.

Lumbung Calling: Generosity

There used to be days when joy was blown in the air. People were dancing. Children and adults were celebrating the moment, also travelers from distant countries. You could listen to the sound of music. Creativity dominated the city. In Segou, art is not only about beauty, but a spirit calling people to come together. They call it Festival le sur Niger, one of the biggest art events in West Africa.

Lumbung Calling: Independence

Throughout history, independence has been an important narrative around the world. It is been perceived as a noble goal. Yet, it is still relatively a rare topic to discuss. Within our conversation about Lumbung, what if we revisit the notion of independence? On June 8 2021, Jumana Emil Abboud, a host based in Jerusalem, and Mirwan Andan who is now based in Kassel, trigger this this topic further. Not only conversing about independence, they also weave it with the idea of interdependence which is not hierarchical and binary.

Lumbung Calling: Humor

Despite it exists and is familiar in our daily life, humor as a topic seems relatively far from conversations. It was evening in Indonesia when speakers across different time zones began shedding a light on the topic. Our host, Mirwan Andan from Indonesia and Jumana Abboud from Palestine mentioned lumbung and humor. Why they are worth conversing? On the same screen was Gridthiya Gaweewong based in Thailand. As a curator, she has been working on the issue of political culture in Southeast Asia.

Lumbung Calling: Local Anchor

With four different time zones, from Makassar, Jakarta, Jerussalem and Kassel, some people were connected to each other through Lumbung Calling. It is the first public program of documenta fifteen (03/04/2021). Hosts and guests looked prepared on the screen. They were about to talk about one of the main values of lumbung for documenta fifteen called: local anchor. As Melani Budianta, a scholar from Universitas Indonesia, got her chance, the conversation on lumbung definition and its practices by locals was started.