Lumbung Calling: Transparency

What is the relationship between those who govern and those who are governed? The critical question might arise as people are living together in one common space. What bring them together? The question will take us to the issue of trust. Will, then, there be trust without transparency? As one of lumbung values, transparency become one key topic in our latest lumbung calling. As it is related to the idea of knowledge and power sharing, Shahidul Alam, a photographer and cultural activist from Bangladesh joined us and shared his practices and perspectives on transparency and its relation to lumbung in his context.

Lumbung Calling: Generosity

There used to be days when joy was blown in the air. People were dancing. Children and adults were celebrating the moment, also travelers from distant countries. You could listen to the sound of music. Creativity dominated the city. In Segou, art is not only about beauty, but a spirit calling people to come together. They call it Festival le sur Niger, one of the biggest art events in West Africa.

Lumbung Calling: Independence

Throughout history, independence has been an important narrative around the world. It is been perceived as a noble goal. Yet, it is still relatively a rare topic to discuss. Within our conversation about Lumbung, what if we revisit the notion of independence? On June 8 2021, Jumana Emil Abboud, a host based in Jerusalem, and Mirwan Andan who is now based in Kassel, trigger this this topic further. Not only conversing about independence, they also weave it with the idea of interdependence which is not hierarchical and binary.

Lumbung Calling: Humor

Despite it exists and is familiar in our daily life, humor as a topic seems relatively far from conversations. It was evening in Indonesia when speakers across different time zones began shedding a light on the topic. Our host, Mirwan Andan from Indonesia and Jumana Abboud from Palestine mentioned lumbung and humor. Why they are worth conversing? On the same screen was Gridthiya Gaweewong based in Thailand. As a curator, she has been working on the issue of political culture in Southeast Asia.

Lumbung Calling: Local Anchor

With four different time zones, from Makassar, Jakarta, Jerussalem and Kassel, some people were connected to each other through Lumbung Calling. It is the first public program of documenta fifteen (03/04/2021). Hosts and guests looked prepared on the screen. They were about to talk about one of the main values of lumbung for documenta fifteen called: local anchor. As Melani Budianta, a scholar from Universitas Indonesia, got her chance, the conversation on lumbung definition and its practices by locals was started.


Since many of the lumbung artists and lumbung members are geographically far apart, and plus with the covid 19 it’s getting harder and harder to travel and visit to directly learn from one another; still—there is a need to create another possibility to better understand each other's context, work, and struggles. Then we thought deeply, what kind of tool will make this intention possible? • drawing by @masart •


As an architecture: lumbung.space is a digital living room that allows us to hang out and gather together inside, create space for various working groups to support the collective lumbung building process, and simultaneously share the harvest of what we learn together from the ongoing collective process - on its facade/front page. • drawing by roel roscam abbing • #lumbungdotspace


lumbung.space is built beyond the idea of a website that only provides information or a service. It can be seen as a tool or architecture for our collective lumbung building process to happen digitally. And with the fact that we are spread out in so many different locations; thinking about having a shared infrastructure that we can sustain after the end of documenta fifteen becomes important. • drawing by iswanto hartono


on a late morning discussion with @rahmatarham, we once were dreaming of having a hangout space with archiving functionalities. A space where we can also share the harvest of our collective lumbung building process~ • drawing by indra ameng • #lumbungdotspace


This is lumbung.space account and through this channel, we want to communicate some thoughts that we harvest from the many conversations about the social platform we are building. lumbung.space is an experimental social and publishing platform by and for the lumbung artists and lumbung members. #introduction #lumbungdotspace


lumbung.space is a (digital) living room for our collective lumbung building process that allows us to connect, support each other, and also share knowledge collectively. It is built on open platforms, cooperative governance, and as a community infrastructure meant for our practices to develop and thrive. #introduction #lumbungdotspace