Harvest on Majelis 15 March 2024 – Tool Sheds Fellowship – Casco Art Institute

  • Erick explained how’s lumbung press using cloud.lumbung.space as a kind of storage for their work.
  • Yazan told of the website and publication on learning Palestine.
  • Roel explained of how to continue lumbung.space as infrastructure but also how to taking care this together
  • the importance of books.lumbung.space as a kind of library but also how it can be connect to the lumbung kios as one of the tools
  • Hands-on session with Reinaart how to use lumbung.space as process for his upcoming exhibition together with Reza. Using cloud.lumbung.space, books.lumbung.space, and nongkrong.lumbung.space

The second day of assembly started with lunch and a hangout session for approximately 1 hour. Around 15 people participated both offline and online on the second day. After recapping and checking in, the Assembly opened with a presentation on Lumbung Radio and the work they did after documenta 15. The session continued with a Lumbung Press presentation by Erick Beltran. Erick reported about the activities carried out by Lumbung Press in Barcelona, Spain by printing various kinds of publications. Several publications in the form of posters during documenta 15 were brought by Roel from Barcelona to be distributed. Erick is also thinking about how to distribute the publication, especially to Indonesia or Southeast Asia. In relation to lumbung.space, Lumbung Press uses cloud.lumbung.space as a storage medium and also as an archive for anyone who wants to publish the work carried out by Lumbung Press.

During this Assembly, joint learning was carried out about the current condition of Palestine by Yazan Khalili, who is part of the Question of Funding collective and is part of documenta 15. Yazan told how the practice of learning about Palestine was expressed in the form of a website as part of publications and broadcasts radio. This is in line with the principle of lumbung.space which can be used as a tool to archive and disseminate various activities in the form of videos, e-books, music or sound, and so on.

Apart from continuing the session of giving information to each other between working groups, the second day of the Assembly also focused on how to continue the work of lumbung.space. For this session, Roel guided and opened the chat. How, for example, to continue lumbung.space not only as infrastructure but also to manage it together. How does lumbung.space find its way of working or managing in the form of “commoning in the digital space”. Technical matters were also discussed, for example how has lumbung.space been used? What tools are included in the lumbung.space ecosystem that need to be closed? Also one of the main concerns is how to make lumbung.space smaller? Smaller here means learning from the experience of documenta 15 which in development is very keen to reveal all artistic practices connected to the digital infrastructure. On the one hand building and developing lumbung.space is a luxury to be able to share with each other, on the other hand it will feel very tiring to continue working like this, without knowing how lumbung.space has been used, especially after documenta 15. How to change such work methods which were previously based on documenta 15 by opening up sharing of roles, where “users” are not only “users” but also “care for” the sustainability of lumbung.space. “Caring for” here is not only reporting if there is an application error in lumbung.space and having it resolved by Autonomic friends who are responsible for technical matters, but also being actively involved in development. Development is not only in technical terms, but also opens up speculation in the form of research or artistic projects, for example, about how lumbung.space is read and criticized as an offer of a process of working together based on lumbung values.

Touching on the process of offering to work together or sharing the work process, at the closing session of the second day of the assembly, Reinaart did a hands-on on lumbung.space. Using lumbung.space as a process medium for preparation and also as part of his exhibition with Reza Afisina, Reinaart practiced how some of the tools in lumbung.space are part of artistic practice. Among other things, Reinaart uses hangout.lumbung.space as a conversation chat medium and cloud.lumbung.space as a storage and archive medium. lumbung.space is also used by Reinaart as part of publications using books.lumbung.space.