Harvest on Majelis 16 March 2024 – Tool Sheds Fellowship – Casco Art Institute

General Threads

  • what is lumbung kios?
  • how to keep experimenting with the tools and stay playful?
  • how do we (centralize) exchange? and who benefits?
  • how to communicate/organize/negotiate the needs of the collective?
  • how do we work across affinities/overlaps/connections between working groups?
  • how do we connect the local to the not-so-local and make it meaningful on both ends?
  • how to fit our way of working to a beyond documenta15 moment?
  • are we still working with the values built/articulated through documenta15?
  • what language do we use when we talk about the idea of commoning in digital space? what is (in)compatible?
  • how do we take into account different contexts, how does our way of working support this?
  • how do our short term activities deepen/further the practice of lumbung kios?

More concrete

  • what can we learn from other shops, beyond their way of generating income? what purposes do they serve in their communities?
  • how can we imagine lumbung kios if we centralize dissemination instead of selling? if we foreground the social instead of the sale? how does our participation in events look like if we decentralize stock? what could an invitation from an institution look like, or how do we renegotiate the invitation to serve the collective pot + local infrastructure?
  • how do we find common ground in our language when talking about lumbung kios?
  • how do we maintain a system based on trust, flexibility and difference? how do we do open mapping?
  • (the map is an inventory, not a shop)
  • how can we experiment with casco’s lumbung kios in the upcoming months?