Harvest on Majelis 8 March 2024 – Tool Sheds Fellowship – Nieuwe Instituut

  • Reza told about how to keep practicing lumbung and how to facing lumbung as a kind of trademark.
  • The potentially of lumbung.space can be seen as tools to show the process of how things going on. Some of friends always using several tools of lumbung.space like cloud.lumbung.space to put some files as a way act of how to archives
  • General updates as well by Gertrude about lumbung land and how lumbung practice continue through the open call of Sandberg, Gudskul, and deappel
  • Fred updated lumbung press from Greenland. The possibilities to connect lumbung press through the collective there
  • Gathering the ideas of the process during the fellowship of lumbung.space and lumbung kios
  • For lumbung.space, what kind of tools that need to remove somehow, but other tools that might be useful, still doesn’t really use, and also how to make kind of playful of lumbung.space
  • These kind of things as kind of departing points for the next majelis on 15 and 16

The first day of the Majelis was also a series of fellowship activities. Opened with lunch with a menu of rice, sour vegetables, salted fish and fried tempeh. This food was made by Michael, a friend who was born in Jakarta and moved to the Netherlands in the 1950s. Nearly 20 more friends attended both offline and online to take part in this session. This Majelis discussed how the practice of lumbung continued after documenta 15. Reza Afisina from ruangrupa talked about the possibility of lumbung.space as a working group that could connect with various working groups, such as lumbung kios, lumbung press, lumbung film, and so on. One of the important points discussed was how to abandon the documenta 15 narrative which made the lumbung pracitce a kind of trademark. How lumbung practice in artistic form can expand unattainable possibilities during documenta 15.

Welcoming this, Gertrude Flentge, who is one of the artistic directors of documenta 15, shared about the lumbung practice program which is one of the disciplines for the master’s program at the Sandberg Institute (https://www.sandberg.nl/temporary-program-lumbung-practice), Amsterdam collaborates with De Appel, Amsterdam and Gudskul, Jakarta. Various Lumbung working groups also shared their experiences with each other after documenta 15, including Lumbung Press which focuses on publications. Fred updated lumbung press from Greenland. The possibilities to connect lumbung press through the collective there and Lumbung Radio which holds many radio programs with radio networks in various countries.

Several opinions from friends who attended also touched on the Lumbung Practice. Among them, Di Liu, who is part of BOLOHO and Reading Room, shared the program carried out after documenta fifteen by holding film screenings from the Lumbung Film collection. Apart from that, Diana from Tropical Tap Water also talked about her plans to visit Indonesia to meet friends in Jogjakarta and Jakarta.

The first day of the assembly closed with a discussion about how lumbung.space has been able to support the network’s work in digital form, whether in the form of archives or artistic research. What challenges are part of managing lumbung.space, especially managing and financing the server so that lumbung.space as an artistic project continues. Apart from that, it also touched on how to make lumbung.space a playful digital space. These points are an important part that will be discussed at the Assembly on 15 and 16 March 2024.