Rasad, In Focus. A Closer Look at Photorealism_2024

Rasad, In Focus. A Closer Look at Photorealism_2024 Britto’s “RASAD” (an unique version) is currently on view as part of a larger exhibition “In Focus. A closer look at Photorealism” at the Centraal Museum Utrecht, Netherlands From 10 February to 9 June 2024 Curated by Esmee Postma. Artists AKM Maynul Islam Alok Raj Bongshi MD. Aminul Islam Ashim Halder Sagor Farhana Ferdausi Imran Hossain Piplu Mahbubur Rahman Shimul Saha Shimul Datta S.

Event: The Giant Claw

Film screening at Hastings Museum & Art Gallery: The Giant Claw (1957) 3 pm, Saturday 9th March “When a strange flying object is spotted, it is believed to be a UFO. However, it turns out to be an extraterrestrial bird made of anti-matter which leaves a trail of death and destruction in its wake.” Join us for a relaxed screening of The Giant Claw in the Durbar Hall as part of the public programme for The Ellen Prebble Exhibition.

New text in the library: As if it was a farm

We just added a new text to the website libray: "As if it was a farm" was first written by Kathrin and Wapke from Myvillages in November 2023, and revised in January 2024, with input from Inez Dekker and Indra Gleizde, reflecting on questions and suggestions discussed during a Rural School of Economics gathering of friends, collaborators and comrades during the 20th anniversary weekend in Rotterdam in November 2023: “Looking back to the future we want”.

Rencontres Intercommunautaires autour de la gastronomie du nord et du sud du Mali et du Maroc

Ségou'Art - FSN 2024 || CARAVANE CULTURELLE POUR LA PAIX | Rencontres Intercommunautaires autour de la gastronomie du nord et du sud du Mali et du Maroc, tenu ce vendredi 02 février 2024 dans le cadre des activités de la 20ème Ségou'Art - Festival sur le Niger 2024 félicitations à nos frères du Maroc et de Tombouctou. Vive le Mali uni et prospère. Retour en images sur la caravane culturelle pour la paix tenue ce vendredi 2 février 2024 à la Fondation festival sur le Niger dans le cadre de la 20e édition Ségou'Art- Festival sur le Niger, Ségou - MALI Initié en 2014 par le trio festival sur le Niger sur le Niger de Ségou festival au désert de Tombouctou du Mali et le Festival Taragalte du Maroc, la caravane culturelle pour la paix devenue l'une des composantes phares du festival sur le Niger se veut un espace de promotion de la paix, du vivre-ensemble mais surtout de la diversité culturelle.

The Ellen Prebble Exhibition opens

The Ellen Prebble Exhibition is now open at Hastings Museum & Art Gallery until 14th April. More news coming soon about a programme of activity that will run alongside the show. Images: The Ellen Prebble Exhibition, Hastings Museum & Art Gallery, 2024, photos by Georgie Scott Ellen was joined by friends and family to celebrate the opening and gave this wonderful speech. Want to visit the exhibition and would like to know a bit more about the space at Hastings Museum & Art Gallery?

Media Release: The Ellen Prebble Exhibition

Media Release: 10 January 2023 The Ellen Prebble Exhibition 20 January – 14 April 2024 The Ellen Prebble Exhibition at Hastings Museum & Art Gallery is the first solo show of work by Hastings-based artist, Ellen Prebble. Drawing on influences from the natural world to pop culture, and with a practice ranging from painting to sculpture, Ellen renders familiar scenes in minute detail and bold colours, recalling the animations and photographs that inform her research.

Art Breaks in February

Art Breaks sessions in February are open for applications. Art Breaks focusses on children and young people with complex needs, alongside their parents, carers and non-learning disabled peers. Dates in February: At the Project Art Works arches and Trinity Hall studio, Hastings – Tuesday 13th February, Wednesday 14th February and Thursday 15th February. There are two sessions per day, 10.30 -12.00 and 13.30 – 15.00. To apply please use the link below and complete the form by 9am on Monday 29th January 2024.

Introduction to a Trauma Informed Approach – Respond

The Support Collective are delighted to offer an Introduction to a Trauma Informed Approach delivered by Respond. Thursday 21st March: 10am- 4pm. Online via ZOOM The Introduction to a Trauma Informed Approach course has been created to support everyone including carers and support staff, in enabling a better outcome for people with a learning disability or autism who experience trauma, neglect and abuse. Duration: 6 hours online Content and objectives:

Panggilan Terbuka Studi Kolektif 2024

GUDSKUL STUDI KOLEKTIF 6 2024 “Praktik Lumbung” Panggilan Terbuka: 11 Januari – 11 Februari 2024 Masa Studi : September 2024 – September 2026 (dua tahun)Panggilan terbuka untuk kolektif seni di Indonesia yang ingin bergabung dalam Studi Kolektif Gudskul 2024. Studi kolektif dengan format belajar yang berbasis inisiatif pesertaBerintegrasi dengan de Appel’s Curatorial Programme (Amsterdam) dan Sandberg Institute Temporary programme: Lumbung Practice (Amsterdam)Ditujukan untuk enam kolektif seni di Indonesia melalui proses seleksi, dengan dua orang perwakilan per kolektif* (total 12 peserta)Durasi dua tahun, diikuti secara hibrida (daring dan luring)Mempelajari praktik kuratorial kolektif, bagaimana menggalang dana, estetika kolektif, mengelola kelembagaan kolektif seni, mengembangkan program, mencari strategi keberlangsungan ekonomi bersama, serta merawat ekosistem seniStudi kolektif terdiri dari kelas bersama, residensi seni, riset, kunjungan antarwilayah, proyek kolaborasi dan festivalPeserta kolektif akan berpartisipasi dalam berbagai kelompok kerja lumbung yang sudah terbentuk pada documenta fifteen, Kassel, 2022**Studi kolektif bertujuan untuk membuat model lumbung bersama dan menciptakan jejaringan lumbung di wilayah masing-masing kolektif pesertaBiaya studi kolektif Rp 10.

Speech by Ade Darmawan (ruangrupa) in the Committee on Culture and Media, German Bundestag, July 6, 2022

Dear members of the Bundestag, my name is Ade Darmawan, and today I’m addressing you as part of ruangrupa. Let me start with a brief comment about history. In 1955, Arnold Bode established documenta in Kassel, Germany, to heal the wounds of the Second World War. A few months before, in that same year, a group of leaders collectively laid the ground for what would be known as the Non Aligned Movement, in Bandung, Indonesia, discussing a way forward independent from and built on the wounds of the colonial powers.
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