Harvest on Majelis 16 March 2024 – Tool Sheds Fellowship – Casco Art Institute

General Threads what is lumbung kios? how to keep experimenting with the tools and stay playful? how do we (centralize) exchange? and who benefits? how to communicate/organize/negotiate the needs of the collective? how do we work across affinities/overlaps/connections between working groups? how do we connect the local to the not-so-local and make it meaningful on both ends? how to fit our way of working to a beyond documenta15 moment? are we still working with the values built/articulated through documenta15?

Harvest on Majelis 15 March 2024 – Tool Sheds Fellowship – Casco Art Institute

Erick explained how’s lumbung press using cloud.lumbung.space as a kind of storage for their work. Yazan told of the website and publication on learning Palestine. Roel explained of how to continue lumbung.space as infrastructure but also how to taking care this together the importance of books.lumbung.space as a kind of library but also how it can be connect to the lumbung kios as one of the tools Hands-on session with Reinaart how to use lumbung.

Harvest on Majelis 8 March 2024 – Tool Sheds Fellowship – Nieuwe Instituut

Reza told about how to keep practicing lumbung and how to facing lumbung as a kind of trademark. The potentially of lumbung.space can be seen as tools to show the process of how things going on. Some of friends always using several tools of lumbung.space like cloud.lumbung.space to put some files as a way act of how to archives General updates as well by Gertrude about lumbung land and how lumbung practice continue through the open call of Sandberg, Gudskul, and deappel Fred updated lumbung press from Greenland.

ACE Inclusive Practice Research

Project Art Works have been commissioned by Arts Council South East to conduct research to discover the current activity of inclusive practice in the South East region. Are you currently offering space for this activity? Please complete the survey here: surveymonkey.com/r/ACEInclusivePractice About the research This research project will discover and map the creative activity that happens for people in the South East* area of England who consider themselves, or who are identified as neurodivergent, D/deaf or disabled.

Art Breaks Summer

Join Project Art Works for our Art Breaks sessions this Summer. Art Breaks focusses on children and young people with complex needs, alongside their parents, carers and siblings. This summer sessions will be split across St Mary’s School in Bexhill and Project Art Works studio in Hastings. 13th, 14th and 15th August at St Mary’s 20th, 21st and 22nd August at Project Art Works There are two sessions per day, 10.

Lammas Land Haystack

Haystacks are a series of gatherings about rural undercurrents and practices in urban settings, set up by Kathrin in her home town London May 2013. Haystacks paused during the pandemic, and are restarting with the 2024 Lammas Land Haystack. Haystacks have no fixed location. Previous haystacks are listed here. /|\///|\\\///|||\\\\///\/\\//|\\\//|\\//\\||//|\\

The Artists’ Fair 2024

Kate Adams will be taking part in a panel discussion at The Artists’ Fair 2024 at Somerset House on Saturday 1st June. The fair includes an artist-led market and programme of panel talks, facilitating an informal space for artists and audiences to engage. The panel that Kate will be taking part in discusses Inclusion and the Accessible Working with Studios Resident Alexandrina Hemsley, Artist, curator, & d/Deaf activist Hannah Wallis.

Visite guidée de l'exposition PEINDRE LA PAIX

Visite guidée de l'exposition PEINDRE LA PAIX en marge de l'ouverture de la phase nationale du Dialogue inter-maliens, par le Président de la Transition, le Premier Ministre, le Président du Conseil National de Transition, le Président du Comité de Pilotage du Dialogue Inter-Maliens, et des membres du gouvernement. La visite a été guidée par Mamou Daffé, Président de la Fondation Festival sur le Niger. Bravo aux artistes !

Vernissage de l'exposition PEINDRE LA PAIX

Vernissage de l'exposition PEINDRE LA PAIX avec la remise de prix aux lauréats et la présentation de la création musicale SYMPHONIE POUR LA PAIX ce samedi 4 mai au Musée national du Mali, sous le haut parrainage du Président et du Comité de Pilotage du Dialogue inter-maliens en présence du Ministre de la culture, du Président de la Fondation Festival sur le Niger, des membres du Comité de Pilotage, des artistes et acteurs culturels.

Provoke to think

The book that won’t be written Más Arte Más Acción (MAMA) has been reflecting on its past and future. We intended to write a book about it, but instead came up with a card game using some of the words, phrases and questions harvested from our many conversations. It seemed like a good way to open up our reflections to others, to move away from an introspective process towards sharing in a more open space.

Cosmology of Care CC

Currently in exhibition as part of Residential at Copenhagen Contemporary, April – December 2024, are Kate Adams’ Cosmology of Care. Cosmology of Care asks audiences to consider: What is freedom to you? Are you confronted with barriers in your everyday life? Are you dependent on others to do the things you want to do in life? Image: Cosmology of Care, Kate Adams, 2023 In the work Cosmology of Care, Project Art Works’ artist Kate Adams, visualizes the possibilities and barriers of social care systems that many individuals and families rely upon.
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