quick note on lumbung.space (part 1)

design by studio4oo2 and lumbung.space working group Since the internet became popular, it has become a medium that allows the creation of new solidarity between users spread across various regions. Unfortunately, this internet networking ability is not necessarily neutral, it exists on platforms controlled by elites and full of surveillance. Nonetheless, these digital solidarity practices continue to give rise to new—more egalitarian ideas and forms; that continue to explore the unique potentials of internet use.

Press Release: Lucy, Jack, Gabby

NEWS RELEASE ISSUED: 31/01/2023 Lucy, Jack, Gabby Phoenix Art Space, Brighton 4th March – 23rd April 2023 Project Art Works and Phoenix Art Space present the process of three emerging neurodivergent artists in a forthcoming exhibition ‘Lucy, Jack, Gabby’. All members of Project Art Works in Hastings, the three artists’ work is united by careful and often meticulous practices of collecting, researching and reimagining. Mining rich seams ranging from popular culture to natural history, the artists’ practices reveal something about the unique way in which each of them, and us, see the world.

Culture and Participation Conference, Lisbon

This Friday 27th January the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation will be hosting a Culture and Participation Conference in Lisbon Portugal. Joining the programme Patricia Finnegan, Annis Joslin and Kate Adams (joining remotely) from Project Art Works discuss mental health and neurodiversity. Images left to right: Patricia Finnegan, Annis Joslin and Kate Adams You can watch the conference live here gulbenkian.pt. The programme is as follows: 10:30 / Welcome Martin Essayan – Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Ignasi Miró – “la Caixa” Foundation

Press release: Michelle Roberts

OUTSIDE IN’S NATIONAL OPEN EXHIBITION FIRST PRIZE IS AWARDED TO PROJECT ART WORKS ARTIST AT SOTHEBY’S NEW BOND STREET ‘Old Bands’ by Michelle Roberts selected by Bob & Roberta Smith with the prize of a solo exhibition in 2024. First prize winner ‘Old Bands’ by Michelle Roberts A painting by Hastings-based artist Michelle Roberts scooped first prize at the awards ceremony for charity Outside In’s national open exhibition, ‘Humanity’, which presents the work of 80 artists facing significant barriers to the art world and is on show at Sotheby’s New Bond Street until 27th January.

programme 2023

Pour télécharger le programme de Ségou'Art-Festival sur le Niger 2023 cliquez sur le lien dessus. https://www.fondationfestivalsurleniger.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/Programme_SegouArt_Festival-sur-le-Niger-2023.pdf

Plans for 2023

In early December 2022 we launched "Lumbungsden" together with the Scottish Sculpture Workshop in Lumsden, to honour the enormous achievement and proposition made by ruangrupa during documenta fifteen, and to support the global call for #lumbungcontinues as a localised practice made by many. In the first half of 2023 the Rural School of Economics will be mainly active * in Lumsden with a summer school in early July* in Pushkino, with a trans-local visit from Zvizzchi in May* at Terrra in Brezoi, setting up a new permanent collective place initiated by aaa

London Short Film Festival

You might spot some familiar faces on the publicity for the London Short Film Festival. Posters show stills from a new film by Andrew Kötting, Eden Kötting’s father, and include Eden, Neville Jermyn and Michelle Roberts. A trailer of the film is being used to promote the festival. The festival asked filmmaker Andrew Kötting to make this year’s festival trailer, harking back to the first ever LSFF where he performed a ‘remix’ of his film Gallivant.


Conférence de Presse de Lancement Officiel de la 19ème édition Ségou'Art - Festival sur le Niger 2023, à la Fondation Festival sur le Niger. Rendez-vous du 31 janvier au 5 février à Ségou pour partager les couleurs de la vie.
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